Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harris Honduras Update: Time is Flying By

Two weeks and we return home.  Can’t believe it!  It seems like it was only yesterday that upon our arrival here American Airlines lost half our luggage for five days—but I’m over it and don’t begrudge them in the least.  Right.

A team of good ole boys from Texas came down and with some help from a mason and his crew we built two concrete block houses, start to finish, in four days.  Don’t anybody mess with Texas!  Hard workers who laugh a lot.  Each evening we would return to the mission base for dinner and they’d chow down and while still at the table pull out their pouches of Red Man and chew a wad.  I got a kick out of it, but I certainly would never sit downwind of them at a picnic.

They were immediately followed by a team of @ 20 guys from Cincinnati.  We tackled a work project up into the mountains.  The typical 2 & a half hour drive on a rough unpaved mountain road and then a three or so hour hike to a little village, Agua Calliente.   We were able to pour a concrete floor for the village church and also put on a roof for a family who resides there. There was a gap between the roof trusses and the existing adobe blocks so we needed to mix some mud as filler.  Here’s a pic of the man’s wife mixing the mud with her bare feet.  Few “princesses” in Honduras.

I had a day off a couple weeks ago and went hiking/exploring further out in the country and met this family out in the sticks.  Three generations living together.

I regard Honduras as the Beauty and the Beast.  In my updates I know I tend to focus on the beastly nature of the country; here are a couple pics of the beauty.

When I take pics  I am still drawn to the children.  This is Michelle, who lives between our apartment and the mission base.  One of the most beautiful Honduran children I have met.

A few more pics of precious people.  When you look at their pic, please pray for them and, in turn, go out of your way to do something for someone you know who may be in distress.

Last and totally unrelated, the following is a pic of the inside of the back door of the bus we took from the base into town.  I guess Jesus is many things to many people.

As always, be thankful for what and who you have.