Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Question for You Who Read My Blog

Being the keenly insightful man that I am--and possessing two eyes--I have noted the scarcity of comments in response to most of my blogs. I like to think--am I delusional?-- that what I write is often evocative, if not provocative. I hope I evoke, at times, within you encouragement or a new insight. Maybe gratitude or reflection, depending on the nature of the post. I hope I evoke laughter or buoyancy of spirit on occasion. There are other times when I likely provoke, rather than evoke. My intent is not to agitate or anger any one, but I would imagine that is the outcome at times.

I really appreciate and desire your feedback as you follow my posts. I'm not merely looking for "attaboys" and requesting your validation. I would like to know your genuine reaction or response to a post, whether positive or negative, whether you agree or disagree. How were you impacted? Obviously, space is very limited but I would enjoy more a sense of give-and-take.

Bottom-line: I am perplexed by the lack of comments and if you could enlighten me as to why you don't that would be helpful to know. Secondly, whether I agree with you or not, I value your opinion.

I look at it like this. I'm the aimlessly wandering village idiot and we all know it takes a village.

Comprende? Commente?


Sherri R said...

Maybe it's a hold-over from years of sitting in church without the opportunity to respond, school lectures where you don't ask questions, and reading books and magazines that don't give an interactive option. Sometimes when I read your blog, I feel you are just venting, or even that I'm being "preached" to. Kind of kicks in the old habits, I'm afraid. And sometimes....people just don't write back ! :-)--Sistersamm

Anonymous said...

You know me...I'm never at a loss for words. You will be hearing from me! Have a good weekend. Sharon A.

Bongo said...

Interesting.....I mostly lurk on blogs read but don't post...I find I have great thoughts but fear others won't see them as great and they will come across as stupid or silly...then end up keeping my thoughts to myself.. I know of others who feel the same way.. maybe it's time to start posting out loud!!

Steve said...

Sherri, You're right--we do carry our individual histories/baggage with us. I apologize if I come across, at times, as preachy--if preachy connotes condemnation. As a Christ follower I am not values-free. I have certain beliefs, ethics, and morals that I have embraced in light of Christ's example and teaching, and I do share those. If you those become convicting for you, then maybe God is trying to get your attention. If, on the other hand, I act in a condemning manner then I need to own that and I ask you to bring that to my attention.

Anonymous S., Yes, I do know you; my pleasure.

Bongo, You're a blog-lurker? That sounds perilously close to a stalker. :>) Whether others regard your thoughts as magnificent or minuscule, sublime or sophomoric, your thoughts are nonetheless valid. Of course, you knew that; I'm merely reminding you.

Thanks for the feedback thus far. It's making me think and giving me some understanding I did not possess prior to your postings.

Anonymous said...

I, like Sherri, when reading your blog thought you were venting and were not really interested in feedback or to start a dialogue. Nothing wrong with that, I just concluded that erroneously, I see. Also, some of your discussion is about your personal experiences that don't really elicit responses. All good stuff, mind you, in case you are taking that as an affront. I try to merely state what I believe to be true. As I always tell my clients, just because someone says something, it doesn't mean it is true. I, for one, would be more than happy to give you feedback. I think a good atheist would make it all more interesting and bolster everyone's faith.

Steve said...

Thank God, so to speak, you're a good atheist. Nothing worse than a bad one. :>)
I can tell you enjoy "sparring."

Matt M said...

Keep the email reminders coming so I don't forget to look...just for grins, I'm wondering...are you looking for comments, or ammunition? Both? :-)

Anonymous said...

Spirited debate is better than erroneous assumptions I always say. I know you do too, right? And I have learned much more by "sparring" than when I was just quiet. That's so damned depressing.

Steve said...

Matt, I don't have to look for ammunition--most people freely give it to me. KnowhutImean??

Tim, I correct my earlier observation. There is something worse than a "bad" atheist. That would be a damned depressing one. Please tell me you aren't one. :>)

Anonymous said...

I have read many of your blogs and am amazed at how easily you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings and allow people to see you as you really are. I enjoy reading them (most of the time) but do not enjoy leaving comments.


Steve said...

Anonymous, thanks for your feedback and going out of your comfort zone to do so. I'm glad you're on-board with the Swim Team.

Emily said...

A few reasons/excuses of mine:

- I most often read blogs on my phone, which does not allow me to comment. And then I forget to comment when I'm on a real computer.
- I use a blog reader that shows all new posts in the many blogs I follow, so I tend to read them in rapid succession like skimming a newspaper rather than a letter from a friend.
- I'm lazy.
- I fear entering into relationships (despite the deep-seeded desire to do so) due to busyness (self-imposed) or self-centeredness (in my own struggles).
- I'm horrible at slowing down long enough to ponder the questions you pose.

Do any of those work?

Steve said...

Emily, your ending question made me laugh. If I had said "NO" would you have submitted 5 or 6 more? As long as your reasons/excuses are working for you I guess that's all that matters. You did forget one, however--"the barometric pressure is falling."
Thanks for reading and following my blog.

jdkeach said...

This may sound strange, but I do enjoy reading your blog and will often form an opinion or comment about it in my head. I may even write a comment in my head. Since I am an INFP, I feel no pressing need to actually express my comment, because I have already done so...... in my head :)

I know that does you a lot of good......

Steve said...

jdkeach, Your comment (out of your head)does me a lot of good in that it explains why you don't comment (out of your head) and doesn't leave me to draw my own conclusions (in my head.)
fyi: I did the Myers-Briggs and it was determined I'm a JERK. I hate it when that happens.