Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Model of a Man

 I'm inviting you to watch the video that follows. I aspire to be possess the gentleness and the peacemaking spirit of this man (and his wife) while I still have my senses. I don't want to reach a point of old age and senility where I'm  harmless and incapacitated, reduced to a continual smile while I soil myself and salivate down my chin, and people remarking, "He' so happy and peaceful. . . and delusional."  I want to still have fire in my belly--I want to have my senses and all my passion-- yet be consumed by a gentle, peacemaking spirit toward others.  This man inspires me and gives me hope that maybe I, too, can become such a person.

Old Radicals


Zach said...

Talk about a role model.

Art said in the film, "We just have to keep doing the right thing." Those are some subtly dangerous and powerful words to live by.

I hope I am like that when I'm seventy. I hope I start becoming like that when I'm 25.

Steve said...

I hope you do, too. And many more of your peers. Sadly, my generation missed it. Guys like you inspire guys like me.