Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Sailing Adventure, Maybe

We're taking off May 6-22. Our intent is to accompany our best friends in helping them sail a boat. They have to get it from St. Petersburg, FL to Trinidad--1400 miles. Our plan was to assist them the first 500+ miles. At the last minute the transmission of the sailboat engine has locked up and the generator died. We may be stuck with them in St. Pete's or, if repairs can be made, we will be on a sailing adventure. Either way, I don't know whether any blogging will take place.

On my return I'm sure I will have stories to tell and bs for you to sort through. What will be fact and what will be fiction? Only I will know. And I aint tellin'.

Thanks for following and thanks for your feedback from time to time.

Grace and Peace, Steve


Bongo said...

That's an AWESOME picture of you....WHere was it taken??? ::::::::Evil grin:::::

Steve said...

How can you not remember??!!?? You were sitting right behind me. :>)

Bongo said...

Touche :/