Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Hell and Back

I will be away from my computer for at least a week and a half.  I'm going to Hell.  A team of us will be working with a poverty-stricken settlement close to La Esperanza, Honduras, and building a house in order to extricate at least one family from their current ruins.  

Then we will be drive up into the mountains until the road is no longer navigable by van and we'll hike 4-5 hours further up in elevation to get to an area that is even more destitute.  We will pour a cement floor for a family of seven, after which another team will arrive after we depart and they will continue the project.  The director of the mission base emailed me just last night and told us to anticipate inclement weather in light of the recent hurricane.  Sadly, he also informed me that there is currently, in his words, "a famine in the Opalacha Mountains" which is where we will be hiking.  He will be attempting to haul corn and beans for families up there.  I've been there and on a normal day it's Hell; I can't imagine what it's like presently. 

We leave tonight and will return in a week.  So much to do and so little time to do it.   99.9%  of Honduras won't even know we're there.  But one family will be changed for generations to come by what we'll be privileged to do over the course of just one week.  One family may very well dance for joy because they will have a floor, rather than dirt, for their babies to crawl on.  One family will have a house to live in, no longer a shack to survive in. 

One team spending one week making a difference for one family for one  generation after another.  I can't wait.

I'll fill you in upon our return.  Thanks for reading my blog; I am grateful.  


David Dyben said...

Stay safe Steve.

JeffK said...

looking forward to more details.