Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

Some of you know, some don't.  I'll share in more detail soon.  In a little over 3 weeks my wife and I are leaving our family and friends and for 3 months will serve the poor in Honduras.  I will miss a lot.

I will miss all the conveniences currently at my disposal, but I'll adjust.
I will miss the easy access to stores, but I'll survive and simplify. 
I will miss instantaneous Internet,  but will learn to delay gratification.
I will miss fb on demand, but will hopefully interact with my wife more and everyone else less.
I will miss my friends and my community of faith, but  I know I will cope with their absence.
I will miss going to a movie, but will learn to enjoy a sunset, instead.
I will miss my big house, but will soon appreciate any space available. 

And I will miss my family and I do not have a clue how life will go on without them.  This morning one of our daughters sent me this photo of her two boys, which translates into my two grandboys.    I cried.  I cried because I love them so much, I cried because I know I will miss them so much.

Yeh, I know.  There's Skype, etc etc etc etc.  I can take photos with us.  All sorts of options.  All of that will help, but the painful truth is-- a photo in your hand doesn't compare to a child in your arms. 

Thanks for allowing me a melancholy moment.


Bongo said...

Big adjustment all the way around...Family, friends probably thinking/feeling the's a I look forward to following....thanks for sharing it.....As always....

Jessica Brant said...

Steven, OMG what a wamo of a surprise at the end of this post. I would miss all of the above but mostly I would miss my children more.

There is nothing that compares to a child's smile, kisses and the touch of their skin next to your own when your locked in an embrace, or just watching them in a peaceful slumber.

Blessings to you on Journey


Not a Notting Hill Mum said...

What a great thing to do. Good for you!

Jan said...

I am sure you will gain a lot in your journey! Blessings to you!

Mary said...

Think of the opportunity that the Lord is providing you serve a population that doesn't have the option of what they would miss if they left their home. And imagine the stories and tales of friendships and experience that you will return with to share with your family and especially your grandchildren! How many boys that age are given the opportunity to hear such greatness! God has a plan here and everyone will benefit from your works all the way till the end:)

Steve said...

Thanks to some of you for your understanding, for "getting it."

Thanks to others for also reminding me of the value of what we will be doing.

Jessica M said...

Wow..your post almost made me cry!...I can understand the connection and meaning you have towards your family. I have two small children and know how precious they are and how quickly they grow.

You and your wife our giving a precious gift to those people and in turn, are undoubtedly going to be blessed in ways you can't even imagine for following God and serving your brothers and sisters that are in a less fortunate place than we find ourselves here in the US. I think what you two are doing are amazing! Many blessings on your travels and I pray that God creates beautiful opportunities for you both to share and express the love Christ has for all. May they see Christ in your eyes as you serve them and may that awaken in their hearts a desire to follow him.

Many blessings.

YogaSavy said...

This will be the most beautiful and rewarding experience in terms of your own soul or heart. To be away and to focus solely on this experience will bring many thoughts and questions. The mundane things of our everyday lives will be just a distant memory as you will replenish it with new and heart felt memories. Some good and some not so good. Both go hand in hand.
Wish you and you rife the very best

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

3 weeks?

What an adventure, and an adventure in giving. And it's gift to you will be a deeper understanding of people and a greater appreciation for your life back home.

I said recently in the next chapter of my life I want to be of service more than I have. This is the kind of giving I dream about.

Steve said...

Jessica, Thanks for your words of blessing.

YogaSavy, Thanks for providing a different perspective from which to view what's coming.

Kathleen, may your dream come true.

Zach said...

I don't know what it's like to leave kids and grandkids behind, but I can identify with the rest of what you'll be going through. Leaving sucks, but it's not so bad once you're there. The worst part is probably right now. Once you get there, you'll be busy learning how to live at a new pace of life, in a new culture, learning a new won't have the energy to be sad:) Just tired!

Widow_Lady302 said...

I got here late and everyone already said everything. So I'll just hug you, promise you will be in my prayers, and wish you a good and noble journey of as much learning as you do teach.

Steve said...

Zach, I hope you're right.

Widow_Lady, maybe late, but always welcome.

cath said...

I was a nurse in the Alaskan tundra for a year, and although I got to come home after every 13 week assignment for a few weeks, I still missed my children and grandchildren, a LOT. Coming home for good felt so wonderful, and I spend as much time with them as I can now. I learned a lot about the Yupik culture I will never forget, and loved the experience, but nothing compares to family. I am of a mind you will probably experience mixed emotions as I did, after reading your post. Live each day for all it can give you is the only advice I would presume to give. And good luck to you both!

Steve said...

Cath, what an experience that must have been! My intent is to follow your advice, i.e. to live and love and serve in the moment while we are there. Thanks for following.