Sunday, February 27, 2011

Safe Arrival in Honduras

Random thoughts and impressions:

--Thankful for a safe trip, and reminded again of the beauty of Honduras.

--Exasperated with the incompetence of the airlines which will remain nameless, other than to say it is the last word in U.S.A. and add an "n."  We arrived at San Pedro Sula airport and two of our 5 checked bags did not arrive.  Two large durable plastic trunks with many supplies.  The airlines put our baggage on 2 different flights.   Go figure. We are to receive the trunks in 2-3 days.

--Thankful for twentysomethings.  I was amazed at the number of different teams of twentysomethings on our flight, coming down for the purpose of serving the poor.  This disavowal of a life of total consumption and, instead, desiring to give, encourages me immensely.  You rock.

--This is such a country of contrasts.  San Pedro Sula is urban, high-tech.  Mercedez dealerships. Malls that compare to ours.  A "latino sexuality" particularly in women's attire, flaunting cleavage, lot of bling. A short drive and people in rags, dogs with ribs protruding, no running water or electricity.

--I'm spoiled.  A middle-upperclass baby. Our 2 room "apartment" in which we we spent our first night has no stove, no frig.   Can't drink the tap water--too risky. The front door lock doesn't work.  The mattress has strands of wire running through it.   The shower head has an electrical unit on it that you switch on to create hot water and to apparently shorten your life if you happen to be standing in any water.  It's fondly called "the widow-maker."  And there are millions of people who are begging to have such a life of luxury. 

--Grateful for my wife who embraces the simple life with acceptance and thankfulness, while I whine.

--Excited about what these next three months might hold. Excited about opportunities to serve, help, befriend, embrace, build.  Excited about the potential changes within us as we step out into unchartered territory.

--I want to savor each moment and have no regrets at the end of each day.  I don't want to hold back and then at end of day to lament, "if only. . . "

--And that's my hope for you, as well.


Jessica Brant said...

Good to hear that you arrived safely, sorry to hear that your bags didn't make it. I hope and pray the next three months are full if adventure for you and your wife. Can't wait to read more on your adventures.


John Bussone said...

Steve & Leslie,

Thought about you and your absence this morning at church. Prayed with a grateful and sorrowful heart for the two of you and your new adventure/opportunity. I take it you have found some kind of internet access. Are you also checking email as well?

Grace & Peace

John and Jean

YogaSavy said...

This can only be a fulfilling and inspirational trip of a lifetime.

Fernando-Alejandro said...

Something that you and your patient wife will embrace as something truly extraordinary... Good one!

Cheers AF

Bongo said...

Ok now give up the hygiene and stay out of the shower...the rooster is your friend...embrace him.....I'm grateful for your wife too..someone has to hold the sanity...go forth...Grace and Peace...praying for you and always...

cath said...

what a post! and what an adventure you are having! memories for a lifetime...soak up every second because before you know it you will be talking about it in past tense...

Jessica M said...

My heart felt joy when it saw the title of this post! So glad to hear you guys arrived safely, though I know the conditions must be challenging. I pray that God blesses this time as you bless others. May you come back with memories and inspiring stories of hope and love.

I pray God's safety be upon you and your wife.

~many blessings

Steve said...

Thank you all. Using mission-base puter;we may actually have Internet in our little apartment this week. Can't drink the water, but we will have access to Internet. Go figure.
We're adjusting. Missing comforts of home; more importantly, our friends and family of home.
Will hike up into the mountains next week fro week or so and build house for family.

I can't wait, even though the hike is gruelling, the work brutal--I love it and derive such satisfaction in doing so. My wife will not accompany on the hike; not up to it physically yet. Gotta go. Adios!

Bongo said...

What does Les do while you are hiking up a mountain for a week at a time...I'm thinking she's surrounded by kids yes? Prayers and hugs...As always...